ARKANA Partners Investing in Africa

Our Story: Arkana has been formed by experienced professionals who saw the need to provide capital, advice and network support to fast growing companies and promising companies in Africa. The 'mid-market' is less attractive to large banks and institutions, but it is where the business energy is greatest. We are combining risk capital and operational experience for businesses needing $10m - $50m. We will be active partners because we, like you, have put our money and careers into making this a success.

The Arkana team have experience investing through the life-cycle of business from early stage, through growth and acquisitions, and on to change of ownership and buy-outs. We have invested over $1 billion in Africa through our careers. The team members have extensive regional and global contacts that can assist in assessing and refining good opportunities, as well as bringing additional capital in to projects.

We are looking for companies with strong reputations and ambitious leadership. Opportunities could be in home markets or regionally. We work with owners and management to improve operations and sharpen strategies with the ultimate aim of building stronger, sustainable businesses and creating value for all stakeholders.

We know that supplying capital is only the start. Our in-house operations team, comprised of executives with real African business experience, is on hand to assist and challenge the companies we support to improve. Every company we invest in will have a plan, but we understand that plans need to adapt, and we are there to be part of that evolution.